Welcome Page

Welcome Truth Seekers.

“Truth is in the eye of the beholder.” Ruth Hubert 1988

  “The truth will set you free.” Jesus said this in the passage John 8:32

Hello fellow truth seekers! Let me just give you a bit of information on me, the administrator and probably main author. I am the kind of person who easily takes creative criticism, thrives on hard work and who strives to always attempt to perfect my performance. Now, I will be the first to honestly say…that is not always the case. I am, inadvertently, not perfect. I am a worry wart, I am not always confident, I constantly stumble over myself and I definitely make stupid mistakes. I was raised by a military father who believed that “Children are to be seen but not heard” and “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all” and live by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you shall have them do unto you.” Unfortunately, as I have grown up and became a parent myself, what I had learned in my childhood meant that I have become a doormat for others. I refuse to let my kids grow up in that manner, so I have taught them to have a voice but to balance it with respect. I believe that being honest and truthful is much more productive than biting the tongue and being nice all the time. I have also learned over time that brutal honesty and truthfulness is not always welcome.

My Honest Face
I decided to create a place where brutal honesty is celebrated and a place dedicated to individual thoughts, truths, and the ugliness of the world. This blog is meant for people to rant and rave about anything and everything that bothers them. It is meant for people to be able to tell the world like it is and to be completely open and honest about how their day went and what thoughts were going through their minds throughout the day. What inspired me to create this blog was- well truthfully- the idea that every time I attempted to comment on a a certain social media post, it would either get flagged and removed or people would be so insulted with what I said on their posts that they’d either remove their posts or fire back with more rude comments telling me that my thoughts were not welcome and so, I end up saying, “Well, if you don’t want honest opinions, then why the fuck do you post such stupid shit?” I’m Just Saying!!! Really, I just don’t understand why people are so sensitive and why people with tiny minds are the only ones allowed to post on these sites. They have truly become places where people search for band aid solutions, and sympathy rather than truthfulness and honesty. They have become a place where the truth hurts, but no one is willing to accept responsibility or are capable of giving real solutions. I thought, what if there was a place where I can say what is really on my mind, and others can as well, and no one is too embarrassed or ashamed to read it? What if I became House M.D….and spoke the truth- as I see it anyway? So this blog space was born, with the intention of presenting the public a place to rant and rave about the stupidity of the world. It will be no-nonsense, bold, funny, sexy, and most importantly smart and honest. I am going to add a disclaimer and a few rules, out of respect of the thin skinnned.

DISCLAIMER- * This is not a place for people who are thin skinned and those with sensitive eyes or ears and those who cannot handle insults or the truth being told through the eyes of others. If you are going to cry about anything….then PLEASE move on. I don’t want to hear it. This is a place for people who are bold enough to speak their minds. *

If you would like to be a contributor, please let me know. Send me your stories, and I will post them for you. If you would like to be an author, please notify me, and we can talk.

With that being said…..this is MY blog space. Trolls are not allowed and will be deleted. SO out of respect for me- if you have a problem with me at any point,  please contact me directly. Send me an email and let me have it. Don’t disrespect me or any other writers/commenters on my page.

Out of respect for the thin skinned- names will be changed in any of my stories, or stories that are posted from readers or other authors.  Real names will never be used.

One last thing.  Anonymity is a necessity and is appreaciated. This is to protect the authors and the readers. When commenting on a writer, or when contacting me directly, please use a fake name. Thank You.



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